Share a photo of Amber Heard secretly taking a “fainted” Depp

Fairfax County Circuit Court

Fairfax County Circuit Court

Her second day testimony in a controversial proceeding filed by her ex-husband Johnny Depp, Amber Heard She said she started taking pictures of Depp fainting during his increasingly frequent Bing, as it was the only way to make everyone believe that superstar actors were abusing drugs and alcohol. ..

“I’ve been with Johnny for over a year, two years later,” the actress testified Thursday morning. “And I already have this pattern of behavioral change with him, which can make my life significantly more complicated, peaceful, difficult, or wonderful, depending on what he was using. I realized that I had to look for clues, so I only knew what he was using. “

Depp “faints, gets sick, loses control of himself,” Hard said at the stand. “And people will pick him up and clean him up and repair it. And he accused me of not remembering, denying it, or telling me that this happened when it wasn’t. And no one backed me up. [It was] I started taking pictures because my words are different from him and his employees, and everyone who took care of him. [to] “See, this is happening,” he says.

At some point in their turbulent relationship, Depp testified that he “shared the drug with my dad,” and said her dad at the time was “obsessed with the same thing as Johnny.” Depp’s lawyer called for and opposed the hearsay of her allegations. But Hard explained that she was there then and saw it happen.

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Via Fairfax County Circuit Court

The actress testifies at A $ 50 million defamation proceeding filed by Depp against her that’s all 2018 Washington post Editorial Here, Haad did not nominate Depp, but called herself a survivor of domestic violence. Depp claims that the work hurt his career and mistakenly portrayed him as an abuser.

Depp told the jury that he had an attachment to his two children, Lily Rose and Jack, who were with his former partner, French model Vanessa Paradis. She called them “these beautiful, very intelligent little weirdos … I was in love with them.”

In 2013, then 14-year-old Lily-Rose caused a “crash” to an unnamed “famous musician over 18”.

“I didn’t agree that this gentleman … spends the night at home,” Hard continued. “And I felt and worried that I was protecting Lily Rose. Of course, they weren’t my kids. And I understand that. So I Johnny so much to me I understand why I got angry, but … she was so young that I just felt protected. “

The Aquaman actress Started her testimony at the Fairfax County Circuit Court on Wednesday“I’m having a hard time finding words to explain how painful this is. It’s scary for me to sit here for weeks and relive everything.”

On the first day at the stand, Haad elaborated on the end of their whirlwind relationship, saying “changed my life” when he was first attacked by Depp.

Johnny Depp looks for cocaine in her vagina and threatens to kill her, Amber Heard testifies

“I was sitting on the couch and having a normal conversation. He was drinking. There was a cocaine jar, or jar, on the table, so I think he was using cocaine. Music played. I’m smoking and I’ll ask if he has a tattoo on his arm. “

Depp’s upper right arm tattoo was initially written as “Winona Forever” in honor of his then fiancee, Winona Ryder. However, when the pair split in 1993, he changed his tattoo to “Winno Forever.”

“To me it looked like a black mark, I didn’t know what it was saying,” Hard testified. “I said,’What are you talking about?’ He said,’I’m saying Wino,’ and laughed, thinking it was a joke. He slapped me and I laughed.

“I laughed because I didn’t know what else to do. I thought this was a joke because I didn’t know what was going on.”

She further elaborated on several cases of physical and verbal abuse, including Depp’s forced “body cavity search” of the vagina in search of cocaine.

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