Sharp and Oppo sign a patent license agreement to end global litigation

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Suddenly kicked off early last year, by Sharp sues Oppo In the beginning of the litigation battle, after several rounds of Sharp suing Oppo for infringing technology patents, Oppo and then opposing the escalation of Sharp infringing patents, the battlefield has also expanded from Japan to Europe and even Taiwan. Since the two parties seem to be evenly matched, it was previously speculated that it may end up with a settlement and signing a licensing agreement, and this is not surprisingly the result jointly announced by both parties today.

Sharp and Oppo have announced a patent cross-licensing agreement and cooperation, which covers the global patent license required for the implementation of communication technology standards for the sales of their terminal products. At the same time, the two parties also agreed to withdraw litigation around the world and end patent litigation and disputes in multiple countries since 2020. However, since Sharp was the initiator of the original patent war, such a “tie” ended, in fact, it should be regarded as Sharp’s failure and failed to achieve the goal of initiating the patent war.