“She doesn’t set any goals for Arizonans.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Kirsten Cinema

Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Senator Kirsten CinemaKevin Deitch/Getty Images; Kent Nishimura/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

  • The AOC mocked Senator Kirsten Cinema after announcing she had registered as an independent.

  • “She offered the people of Arizona no goals, no vision, no commitment,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

  • Cinema is slated for re-election in 2024 in Arizona.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez argued with Senator Kirsten Cinema on Friday after the Arizona state senator announced he had changed his party affiliation from Democratic to independent.

“In this long soliloquy, Cinema didn’t offer a single tangible value or policy that she believed in,” Ocasio-Cortez explains her decision, which Cinema posted Friday morning. He wrote on Twitter in response to the two-minute video.

“She offers Arizonans no goals, no vision, no promises,” the New York Democrat continued. “For the Senate it’s ‘no health care, just atmosphere’.”

Ocasio-Cortez joined many Democrats who criticized Cinema on Friday for her shock decision to leave the party and register as an independent. statement Her “party registration means nothing unless she continues to listen to voters.”

Cinema’s announcement comes after Democrats expanded their Senate majority in the midterm elections, allowing the party to move more quickly on legislation and nominations. has faced attacks from party members over its position in the 50-50 Senate, which has at times stalled the Democratic agenda in the 50-50 Senate. including refusing to eliminate and refusing to raise corporate taxes.she is experienced Democratic support in Arizona is low.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and the White House responded to Friday’s cinema decision by declaring the Senate’s new 51-to-49 power balance unchanged.

“We believe she is a brilliant and capable Senator and look forward to a productive session in the new Senate, which now has a Democratic majority,” Schumer said in a statement. It will allow us to maintain a majority, exercise the power of subpoena, and clear candidates without removing the vote.”

“We understand that her decision to register as an independent in Arizona will not change the Senate’s new Democratic majority, and we will continue to work well with her,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean said. We have good reason to hope.” Pierre said.

Two other independents in the Senate — Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Angus King of Maine — will hold a caucus with Democrats. Cinema has not said it will do the same, but it is expected to maintain its mandate on the Democratic Commission, stressing that it has no intention of changing its approach to policy or politics.

“I’m going to be the same person I always was. That’s who I am. I’m going to work. I’ll do my best for Arizona. I’ll keep delivering.” Nothing will change for me and nothing for Arizona. I don’t think it will change,” Cinema said in a Twitter video.

Cinema’s party change also comes as she seeks re-election in 2024. Democratic Senate candidate Ruben Gallego condemned cinema’s decision on Friday, saying: street bunker. ”

In her tweet, Ocasio-Cortez also entered the race.

“People deserve more. Thank you for opening this race and nomination,” she wrote.

Cinema’s office did not immediately respond to an insider’s request for comment.

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