She was infected with COVID at a hospital in Florida.Upon returning home, she found her husband dead — of COVID.


Lisa Steadman spent more than a week fighting COVID-19 at Winter Haven Hospital.

She had a terrible feeling.

“I am I’m going to die.. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t stop vomiting. It’s like having no bones in your body, “she told Fox 13.

But then, a 58-year-old woman in Polk County, Florida, faced the worst experience when she was finally able to go home.

There she found her husband Ron dead in the bedroom.

Ron Steadman, 55, Test positive For a new coronavirus before his wife gets her own results. He was treated at a walk-in clinic and “he went home with medicine because he had no pain. It was as if he had a bad cold,” Steadman told WFLA News Channel 8.

She found her husband when Steadman returned home on August 18, after staying in the hospital for eight days. According to WFLA, the couple’s dogs were mostly short of food and water. Ron’s doctor told his wife that he had died of COVID-related complications, Fox 13 reported.

“I can’t get the picture out of my head. I wish I couldn’t find him like that,” she told WFLA.

Neither Steadman was vaccinated.

“The two of us felt that they hadn’t been fully tested yet. After talking to the doctor in the hospital, I’ll be in September when I can take it,” Steadman said. Told WFLA.