She went out for pancakes — and a bloody toddler rescued at the Highland Park Parade


Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune via Getty

Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune via Getty

Lauren Silva, two mothers from Deerfield, Illinois, left for a quiet breakfast with her boyfriend on Monday morning. Highland Park..She eventually took care of the toddler Victims of parade shooting Still covered in the blood of his father.

38-year-old Silva told The Daily Beast that she had awakened her craving banana pancakes at The Walker Brothers, a breakfast spot on the corner of the parade route on July 4.

A former event planner and her boyfriend parked in a nearby garage and appeared in the genocide unfolding scene.

Uncle of Parade Shooting’People of Interest’:’I didn’t see any signs of trouble’

“We had just opened the door to climb the stairs, and I heard that … Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom“Silva said. “And it sounded like someone was hitting the glass door.”

In fact, snipers fired from the rooftop in the corner, killing six and hospitalizing dozens more.

“I didn’t hear any screams. It was eerily quiet,” she said.

She and her boyfriend suddenly rushed to help those lying on the ground when Silva stabbed the infant into her arm.

“My boyfriend handed me this little boy and said he was under this father who was shot in the foot,” she said. “They were trying to stop the bleeding, so I took the boy downstairs to the garage.”

Silva and the boy flocked together for safety, with another family.

“He kept asking if mom and dad would be back soon,” Silva recalled.

The boy she said she was still wearing diapers wore a pair of shoes, a few abrasions, and socks that were completely blood-covered.

After cleaning up the boy’s cuts and letting her say downstairs for 20 minutes, Silva went upstairs and asked about her father’s situation. “At that time, my boyfriend said he passed,” she said. The Daily Beast couldn’t confirm it.

In the end, Silva said, she handed over the boy to the family they were with, and they said they would take him to the hospital. Later, Silva said, the boy reunited with his grandparents.

When she dealt with her shock with what she saw, Silva said she continued to play time repeatedly in the garage basement with her child.

“The only thing I could grasp was the child’s face, his touch and the sound of his voice,” she said. “I want to keep the little emotion I’m feeling. It tells the boy that his dad is coming back.”

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