Shen Yun portrays the sacred side of Chinese culture, says a doctor of Chinese medicine

Salzburg, Austria-The pandemic has had a tremendous impact on the world and people are ready to end it. However, some people feel that not all viruses are bad and may be changing the world better.

After attending the Matinee performance of Shen Yun entertainment on January 25, Dr. Martin Gorner, a Chinese medicine doctor, commented that a pandemic is not a normal virus. Perhaps there is more than visible.

“Maybe it’s a divine virus,” Gorner said. “At least the virus doesn’t affect children, and so far there are no illnesses that don’t affect children.”

Gorner attended Shen Yun with his wife, Julia Edmeier, an independent lawyer.

He shared that he was practicing Chinese herbal medicine, but the performance introduced him to the concept of Chinese gods. That’s what he thought he no longer exists in China.

“I like that China also has a sacred belief. I didn’t know that before. I’m a Chinese training doctor. Today here, God plays a role not only in the body but also in China. I noticed that, “Gornner said.

In Chinese herbal medicine, it is known that five elements are connected to five major organs of the body. However, there is a spiritual aspect of Chinese medicine that was lost after Communism was taken over in China.

“This aspect is not mentioned in my training. It’s always only wood and water … this elemental theory, but God isn’t. And it’s new. And that communism is actually this world. And it’s also new. And today we’ve seen that tradition should be revived again, and China has a chance, “he said.

Shen Yun is dedicated to reviving Chinese beauty and spirituality through dance and music. The couple found great similarities between the spirituality presented in the performance and their own Christian beliefs.

“Yes, it’s very similar! So the Creator came to Earth. I’m a Christian, so is my wife,” Gorner said.

Shen Yun says that even though China has been hijacked by communism and everyone attaches great importance to their electronic devices, the people there still have their own thoughts and values. He added that he showed. He thanked Shen Yun for sharing it with the world.

“It’s great that Shen Yun is being carried around the world because we think we may be wrong with the image of China,” he said.

“We have the image that they are electronic people and are guided by the government, but they have a heart and a soul, which is exactly what is shown here. In all nations. Has its own tradition, its own dance, and if it is suppressed, it will not work in the long run. “

Ticket as a birthday present

32-20220125-1400-Salzburg-Qingrui-Charlene C.Kopansky_CALA President and Founder 2
Charlene Kopansky in Shen Yun Performing Arts at Großes Festspielhaus in Salzburg on January 25, 2022. (Qing Rui / The Epoch Times)

In the afternoon performance, Shirley Kopansky was also in the audience. She received the ticket as a birthday present and traveled to attend from Munich.

“It was full of color and precision, and the choreography was great, as was the skill of each dancer and their ability to adjust,” Kopansky said.

“The performance was lively and the fitness level was great,” she said. “The music was very, very good.”

Once a contemporary jazz dancer, she was impressed by her talent as a performer.

“Too much energy-jumps, turns, leaps and player interactions,” she said. “I was also acting those dances, so I thought it was very, very good and very lively.”

“The story touches you”

The Bavarian hotel owner Helmut Khan was also in the audience. He said he was impressed with the variety of Shen Yun programs.

“The real beauty is the artistry of the dancers. How well they dance and how well they move. And the story is also very fascinating,” Hahn said.

“I can’t imagine in advance that the story will impress you very much. There’s always something different. When you see it, you don’t think there’s much else, but something else It emerges, “he said.

“It’s very diverse and it’s fun. I’m very excited.”

Hahn also described performance efforts to express the goodness of humanity, adding that he wants children to experience Shen Yun.

Epoch Times Photo
Helmut Khan (The Epoch Times) of Shen Yun Performing Arts at the Grossfest Spielhaus in Salzburg, January 25, 2022.

“I think it comes across very often … you can say that these people have emotions. And that’s actually the most important thing, and it’s something that’s lost quite often. “He said.

“The important thing is to make an effort for the children to come and see it for themselves.”

Reported by Yu Ping, Qing Rui and Maria Han.

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