Sheriff Broward will take action when a road wrath shootout occurs one block away, the agent says.

On Friday afternoon, Sheriff Gregory Tony took action after seeing dozens of people running from the angry shootings of the injured road.

Sheriffs said at a news conference that they were driving Deerfield Beach just before 1 pm, seeing more than 20 people running past the car.

Nearby, Antonio Chestnut, 26, and an unidentified 52-year-old man were involved in a debate, including road anger. According to Tony, Kuri fired about nine bullets at the man’s car and the bystanders escaped. After that, the chestnut ran away.

Tony knew that something was happening in real time because he knew that he hadn’t been called for a crime in the immediate vicinity. He wore a tactical vest, picked up a rifle, and warned lawmakers around him of a change in the situation.

“I’m the highest law enforcement officer in this county, so I’m a law enforcement officer every day of the day,” Tony said. “I make sure I’m ready.”

Witnesses and bystanders helped Tony understand what was happening, what the suspect looked like, and where he went.

With the help of that information and a BSO agent in the area, chestnuts were found and arrested. He is guilty of attempted murder.

An unidentified man suffered minor injuries from debris from a bullet hitting a car.

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