Sheriffs say Lakeland, Florida shooters killed four people, including a toddler, and shot an 11-year-old girl multiple times.


Lakeland, Florida — 4 dead, 11-year-old girl shot dead, lawmaker There was a fire at the beginning of Sunday In the neighborhood of North Lakeland, Florida.

Sheriff Grady Judd of Pork County said the shooting took place at 4:30 am in two separate homes.

Judd said two separate shootouts took place “in short order” between police and the suspect who surrendered after being injured. Soldiers from the Lakeland Police and Florida Highway Patrol were also involved. After the suspect was detained, police found that an 11-year-old girl, who had been shot “multiple times,” and a man, two women, and a toddler had died.

No police were injured in the shootout.

Mr Judd said the suspect he did not identify was a survivor who “came for a shootout.” He said the suspect had approved the use of methamphetamine.

Judd said when a woman called at 7:30 pm on Saturday and reported a suspicious call when a man said, “I sent me here to talk to one of your daughters.” The agent said he went to the neighborhood.

Pork County Shooting: What we know about the shooting that killed four people in Lakeland, Florida

An image of a house bullet hole fired by a Sheriff's agent and other police forces near a shooting suspect near North Sokram Loop Road in Lakeland early Sunday.

An image of a house bullet hole where Sheriff Pork’s agent and other police forces set fire to a shooting suspect near North Sokram Loop Road in Lakeland early Sunday.

Nine hours later, Mr. Judd said the lieutenant, about two miles away, heard two shots from the area of ​​the first call. At the same time, 911 calls began to report active shooting.

When lawmakers and other law enforcement agencies arrived, they saw the truck burning and made a popping sound from the front yard. As they approached, they found an individual who “worn perfectly in body armor and he seemed ready to engage us in an active shooter situation.” Judd said.

“But I couldn’t find any firearms.”

According to Judd, the man fled home and lawmakers heard gunshots. “And the woman screamed and the baby whined.”

The lieutenant tried to enter the house, but was barricaded, Judd said. Then he went behind the house and entered with a shootout with the suspect before leaving the house.

According to Judd, three lawmakers in front of the house were pinned by shootings from the suspect, and other agents on the scene fired to ensure their safety.

Shortly thereafter, Judd said things were silent and the suspect raised his hand and came out of the house. He had been shot once.

Judd said the suspect had been taken to the Lakeland Community Health Center for treatment. While receiving treatment, Judd said, “He jumped up and tried to grab a Lakeland police officer’s gun, and they had to fight him again in the emergency room.”

They subdued the suspect and continued his treatment.

Meanwhile, field officials entered one of the homes where the 11-year-old girl was found shot several times. Lawmakers also found men, women, and toddlers dead from internal gunshot wounds. When lawmakers went to the house behind them, they found another woman shot dead.

The 11-year-old girl was taken to Tampa for treatment. Authorities were still looking for another girl “about 10 or 11 years old,” according to Judd, but there was no evidence that she was on the scene.

Mr Judd said the suspect had told his agent, “I know why I did this,” and described himself as a survivor.

The incident coincides with the worst mass slaughter in Pork’s history. December 1997, Nelson Serrano shot down His former business partners George Gonzalves (69), Frank Dosso (35), Diane Dosso Patisso (27) and George Patisso (26) are in Erie Manufacturing, Bartow.

Serrano was sentenced to death in 2006. However, in 2016, the US Supreme Court ruled Florida’s death sentence unconstitutional, opening the door for resentment by Serrano and other convict on death row prisoners. He stays on death row and waits for resentment.

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