Shionogi in Japan says COVID-19 pills show rapid clearance of the virus

Tokyo — Shionogi’s experimental treatment showed rapid elimination of the virus that causes COVID-19, according to new data, a Japanese pharmaceutical company said on Sunday.

In a statement, Shionogi stated that Pill S-217622 “showed rapid elimination of the infectious SARS-CoV-2 virus,” citing the results of Phase II / III clinical trials of the drug.

The company has a global desire for antiviral drugs that are currently being evaluated by Japanese regulatory agencies.

The findings, released on Sunday, also showed that “the total score of 12 COVID-19 symptoms was not significantly different between treatment groups,” but the drug was a combination of five “respiratory and fever” symptoms. Shionogi said it showed an improvement in the score.

In March, the pharmaceutical company announced that it would begin global phase III trials of the drug with the support of the US government. In addition, CEO Teshirogi Isao said it could reach 10 million doses annually.

Shionogi’s stock is on a roller coaster with speculation about the success of the treatment. Shares rose on Friday after reports that the US government was in talks to get a supply of medicines.

Based on preclinical data, stock prices fell by as much as 16% on April 13 due to reports that the drug could pose a risk to pregnancy.

David Doran and Rocky Swift