Shocking ‘execution-style’ double murder in rural Florida community

Years have passed since there was a murder in Baker County, Florida, and Sheriff Scotty Rhoden says he can’t remember the last murder.

But he now has two, and the shocking details make people in this sparsely populated county horrified. About 30,000.

the two men Found shot dead on Monday, August 1 Rhoden said the crime scene was horrific at a rural home outside McLennie. at a press conferenceMcCrenny is about 30 miles west of Jacksonville.

“An autopsy was performed. … We can say that these two victims may have been brutally murdered and targeted,” Roden said.

“Let’s make no mistake, this was an execution-style murder.”

Many of the cases remain a mystery, with neither suspects nor motives known.

A news release identified the victims as David “Daniel” Sigurds, 54, and James Michael “Bo” Thomas, 49.

Investigators believed they were shot over the weekend.

The killing was discovered at 11:25 a.m. Monday, when the Baker County Sheriff’s Office received a report that a body had been found in a house on Sawtooth Road, not far from the Georgia border.

“The sheriff entered the residence and found two adult men dead from what appeared to be gunshot wounds in another part of the home,” the sheriff’s office said.

A $5,000 bounty has been offered for information leading to the suspect’s arrest, but the sheriff’s office is tight-lipped about the details.

Undisclosed details include how many times the men were shot, why investigators believe they were targeted, and why the crime scene is described as “brutal.”

What Roden said is there is no evidence that the killings were drug-related.

Sigurds had no criminal record and only “a few minor misdemeanors” on Thomas’ record, officials say.

Investigators are asking neighbors to report if they see any strange or unusual activity over the weekend. “Nothing is too small,” Roden says.

Obituary reports that it happened at the cigar house, where he maintained a “quiet private life”. According to his obituary, he was a “lifelong resident of Baker County,” Baker said.

According to his obituary, Thomas also grew up in McCrenny and attended Baker High School. He owned his Bo Thomas Construction LLC and was the father of four children.

Thomas was a member of the Whiskey Moon String Band and the Modern Day Troubadour, his obituary states.

There is no evidence of an “imminent threat” to people living in sparsely populated areas, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

But that didn’t assuage fears or stop speculation as to the motives.

“Why do you think they were targeted? If they were targeted, how do you know they didn’t target someone else in the same area?” Angie Bracos Sams I asked on the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

“Obviously more than one person did this. It should have been more than two.” Micah Morrison I have written.

“Someone who knows something! People speak” Eric Howard Said.

“Pray, lock all doors, keep weapons handy.” Michelle Dawn Row Bowman Posted.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is assisting the sheriff’s office with investigations that include processing crime scenes, officials said.

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