Shocking video shows Chinese robot attack dog with machine gun dropped by drone

A Chinese military contractor has made a video showing off its terrifying new stuff military technologyreveals a robotic attack dog that can be taken down by drones.

The first video published on a verified Weibo account for “Kestrel Defense Blood-Wing” Chinese defense contractorshows a drone hovering over a building and dropping a robot onto the roof. After the drone flies away, the robot stands up on her four legs and begins scanning targets around the building with what appears to be some sort of automatic weapon attached to her back.

WarZone reports that the robot dog’s mounted weapon is likely a Chinese QBB-97 light machine gun, capable of firing 650 rounds per minute with an effective range of 400 meters.

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Chinese military parade with drones

A drone on display at a Chinese military parade.

The robot’s description, posted by Kestrel Defense Blood-Wing and automatically translated into English, boasts that the weapon can easily “launch a surprise attack”.

“Army Dogs, Air Raids, Red Wing Forward Large Drones Deliver Combat Robot Dogs. Insert directly into weak link behind enemy to launch ambush or deploy on enemy rooftops. Occupy command heights to limit the firepower that can be deployed. [can] Performs a three-dimensional pincer attack on enemies inside the building.”


Chinese technology and other similar weapons have so far been designed to be operated by humans, military analyst We fear that robots designed to operate autonomously are being developed and may soon be deployed on the battlefield.


Speech by Chinese President Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping

Autonomous weapon systems are particularly deadly to adversaries, and the military that developed them can drop them deep behind their backs. enemy camp In areas previously too difficult to reach or too dangerous to deploy human soldiers.