Shooter was a former FedEx employee

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“Parent police” evangelist Pat Robertson accuses Derek Chauvin, Kim Potter says, “We can’t have a lot of clowns.”

OG missionary Pat Robertson is about to go out on the streets to protest the shooting of Daunte Wright by former Minnesota police officer Kim Potter, who was arrested Wednesday and charged with manslaughter. not. But like many, Robertson is confused by Potter’s intention to use her taser in the light, apparently not in her gun. “If you don’t see the difference in feel, it’s crazy,” Robertson said at the 700 club on Thursday, holding both a pistol and a taser, “deserving” the result. “As you know, I’m a parent police. We need police, we need their services, I think they’re doing a good job, but they have to stop this onslaught. , They can’t do this, “he said. Pivot to other prominent police killing in the Minneapolis area. “And what’s happening in Minnesota about that Derek Chauvin-that is, they should put him in jail, he knelt on George Floyd’s death and caused so many problems-that is, his neck To-what’s just terrible? “You know things are wrong when police are starting to lose Pat Robertson’s approval. — Zachary Petrizzo (@ZTPetrizzo) April 15, 2021 “There is no best person in the police station,” Robertson said. “They are low-paying people, Terry,” and we need to hire a “better workforce.” (According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for U.S. police officers in 2019 was $ 67,600, excluding overtime, and $ 71,840 in Minnesota.) “We need police. We need police and pay respect. I need it. They and I are for everything, “Robertson said. “But at the same time, we can’t run around a bunch of really best and least bright clowns at low wages.” Peter Weber This is Pat Robertson’s ‍♂️ “low wages, best The least bright people are running around in the video, “with subtitles. — Ashton Pittman (@ashtonpittman) April 16, 2021 More stories from Five very entertaining cartoons about Biden’s infrastructure plans Keyholes to determine the Shovin case Should start the garden