Shooting Revives Criticism of Israel’s Use of Deadly Power

Jerusalem (AP) — Hours after Israeli soldiers shot and killed Osama Bin Laden at a temporary checkpoint on the west bank of the occupied Jordan, the army announced that it had stopped a vehicle-ramming attack, but the facts do not appear to be added up. ..

In all accounts, Mansour first stopped his car when ordered to do so. His wife, the mother of five children, was sitting in the passenger seat. And after the soldiers fired at the vehicle, killed him and injured her, they refused to arrest her as an accomplice.

Witnesses say the soldiers killed Mansour for no apparent reason. Part of what the rights group says is a pattern of deadly Palestinian shootings by Israeli forces in suspicious situations. The debate over soldier behavior is the same as the debate over the killing of a famous black American police officer in the United States.

The· This Week’s Conviction in Minneapolis, Minnesota.. Derek Chauvin, a police officer in the murder of George Floyd, said police first died in a “malpractice” during a “police interaction”, Accuracy of official statement about deadly encounter..

The Israeli army said in its first statement that the vehicle was accelerating “in a way that endangered the lives of soldiers” and that the army fired to “stop the threat.” But shortly thereafter, the military stated that the shooting was under investigation without giving details.

A military spokeswoman refused to answer detailed questions about the incident submitted by the Associated Press. This includes whether the military still believes it has stopped the attack.

Somaya, the widow of the deceased, says her husband took her to a doctor early on April 6. They drove back to their home village of Bidu, passing through the village of Birnabara, just outside Jerusalem.

They saw the Israeli army and armored jeep in front. This is a common sight on the occupied west coast, where Israeli troops often carry out overnight arrest raids.

“I said,’There is a checkpoint, Osama, stop.’ He said,’I see it,’ and he stopped like any other car.”

She said two soldiers had turned their rifles into the car. One of them ordered Osama to turn off the ignition, and he responded. The soldiers asked where they came from and what they were doing, and they told him, she said.

“He said,’OK, OK, go,’ so we started the car, moved forward, and two seconds later they fired,” she said. “A piece of glass fell from my head and made a bullet sound and froze in horror. I was very scared.”

She said the car turned back and forth. She called on her husband to go faster, and saw him depressed between the seats, and they grabbed the handle until they reached some people who helped them go to the hospital. It was.

“There was blood everywhere on the floor, and there was so much blood,” she said. “I was asking about Osama, I was screaming for him. They said he was in the operating room and was in the operating room for four hours, and finally they died. said.”

Israeli human rights group B’Tselem states that it has interviewed two witnesses who largely supported her explanation. Roy Yerin, a spokesman for the group, said the fact that Somaya was not arrested strongly indicated that the military did not consider it an attack. She was summoned for cross-examination next week, but there are no signs that Israel considers her a suspect.

“The military is not very conservative about detaining suspected Palestinians,” Ye-rin said, pointing out the routine arrests of protesters and catapults.

B’Tselem is documented A fewSimilarlyIncident In recent years, Israeli forces have stated that they have fired to prevent vehicle-ramming attacks, the killing or injury of Palestinians, but later withdrew from allegations without arrest or imminent accusation.

“On the west bank of the Jordan River, there is a very triggering approach that would be guilty until the Palestinians were proved otherwise,” Yerin said.

Military suspicions are not necessarily groundless.

In recent years, Palestinians have carried out a series of puncture wounds, shootings and vehicle-ramming attacks, killing or injuring Israeli soldiers and civilians. Military checkpoints on the west bank of the Jordan River are frequently targeted. Israel occupied the West Bank in the 1967 war, and Palestinians hope that the West Bank will form a major part of the nation of the future. Army defenders say soldiers have to make momentary decisions in life-and-death situations.

International law and Israeli military engagement rules state that deadly forces can be used in life-threatening situations. However, rights groups say Israel often falls below that standard and rarely punishes security forces for misconduct. B’Tselem says he stopped introducing such cases to military authorities in 2016 after concluding that doing so would not work.

Ye-rin says Israel will only prosecute cheating in rare cases with overwhelming evidence. Even then Soldiers often get light judgments..

The military said it would investigate all cases on the West Bank where people were killed. “If we find any deviations from the rules, we will take action depending on the circumstances of the case,” he said.

In March 2019, the military pointed out a soldier shooting and killing a Palestinian after mistaken for another individual suspected of throwing a stone as the Israeli vehicle passed. Under a judicial transactionSaid the soldier was sentenced to three months in prison and demoted.

The International Criminal Court has decided to handle such cases by Israel. Investigation of possible war crimes initiated earlier this year.. Israel condemned the investigation requested by the Palestinians and said the court was prejudiced against it.

Earlier this month Israel sent a formal letter to the ICC stating that it would refuse its mission.. Israel denied committing such a crime and said it was able to investigate and prosecute violations by Israeli forces. It was two days after Mansour was shot dead.

Israel is not a party to the ICC, but Israelis may be arrested in other countries if a court warrants them.

During that time, there was little hope for accountability, and Somaya decided to raise five children alone.

“What am I going to do with my life after Osama?” She said.


Contributed by Associated Press reporter Geral Hassan in Biddu, on the west bank of the Jordan River.