Shrapnel injured 12 people at Saudi Arabia airport by intercepting drone

Dubai — At Abha Airport in Saudi Arabia, twelve people were injured in debris from a drone loaded with explosives blocked by air defense on Thursday, a Saudi-led coalition is fighting the Houthi group in Iran, Yemen.

In a statement released by Al Arabiya TV, the coalition later warned the people of Sana’a, the Houthi-controlled capital, to avoid civilian locations used for military purposes in the next 72 hours of attacking the drone launch site. ..

Houthi military spokesman Yahya Sarea said the group achieved its military goals at Abha Airport with the Qasef2 drone.

The coalition said in a statement released by the state media that air traffic operations at Abha’s private airport returned to normal after standard safety procedures after the drone’s interception.

A shrapnel from a drone attack at noon fell on the airport grounds, damaging part of the glass facade.

The minor injuries were supported by two Saudi citizens and citizens of Bangladesh, Nepal, India, the Philippines and Sri Lanka.

The coalition has been fighting the Houthi since early 2015 after the group expelled Yemen’s internationally recognized government from the power of the capital Sana’a.

Houthis often launch attacks on Abha Airport near the Yemeni border in southern Saudi Arabia and other parts of the country with drones and missiles. Most attacks were intercepted, but several were killed and some were injured.

The coalition regularly conducts airstrikes against what it claims to be the target of the Houthis army in Yemen. On Thursday, it said it would take steps to neutralize sources of threat to civilians in accordance with international humanitarian law.

United Arab Emirates, a member of the Union, said it had destroyed the Houthi ballistic missile launch area in Yemen twice in January.



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