Signs targeting Governor Kim Reynolds removed after repulsion

Despite being commissioned by PAC to oppose Governor Kim Reynolds, downtown’s must-see sign faces the loudest opposition by online liberals.

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State of play: Signs along I-235 East and Keo Way OPE! PAC And Reynolds claims to have contributed a 42% increase in abortion states during her tenure between 2018 and 20. (The numbers are accurate from Iowa Public Health Service data.)

What they are saying: The message is aimed at reaching independent voters who are heading to state trade fairs and are unaware of the recent increase in abortion, said Jen Pellant of OPE. board member.

  • The purpose is to have a more “honest” conversation and to point out that policies supported by Reynolds, such as refunding planned parent-child relationships, may have contributed. Price increase, She said.

Yes, but: Liberal activists blamed the sign on Twitter, blamed abortion, and said they were pushing the story of “professional life” by taking a negative view.

What’s next: Perant said the PAC was listening to feedback and pulling down the sign earlier this Friday.

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