“Silence is deafening” from celebrity, blockade athlete: Former NBA star


Australian basketball legend and former NBA player Andrew Bogut is calling on more celebrities, influential players and athletes to oppose the continued blockade of COVID.

Bogut is a well-known Australian basketball player who has long been a member of the National Basketball Association (2005-2019), along with teams such as Milwaukee Bucks, the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers.

He was a critic of the blockade voice mandated by the government and said he was able to see the damage it was causing to working-class Australians.

“My dad wouldn’t have survived in this current climate and period. Who would pay the mortgage? Who would have paid the car loan? Who would have paid his business loan? I know exactly what it is, “he said. Video posted on Instagram..

Epoch Times Photo
Andrew Bogut was 12th in the Golden State Warriors playing at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada on June 2, 2019. (Gregory Shams / Getty Images)

“Why aren’t there any celebrities or athletes in Australia who oppose this government? Only 1-2%,” he said, communicating with millions of Australians and government policy. Pointed out how easy it is to influence.

“Athletes and influencers with all these sponsors and marketers behind you are pushing promotions to Pourvous … where is your voice? Why don’t you speak up?” He said. Added.

“Silence is deafening. Let me tell you why,” Bogut said. “Last year, about three or four months after this pandemic happened, I got a message from someone. I don’t name who it is or where it came from. I’m posting a public service announcement. You were offered money to put out … it would have been something like:’Hello I’m Andrew Bogut … It’s your duty to stay home. Do the right thing for the community . “

He said the governing body of the sports organization continues to hold and run competitions in close cooperation with the authorities. As a result, athletes are likely to remain uttering the blockade prevention message.

Major sports organizations such as the National Rugby League and the Australian Rules Football League have worked with various state governments in the country to work with them. Safe concessions or quarantine arrangements To highlight their competition in strict public health orders.

Usman Khawaja, a cricket player from Australia and Queensland, replied to Bogut’s video on Twitter: There are definitely two sides to this blockade. “

There is little evidence of mortality, but long-term blockages in Sydney and other Australian cities are consistent with increasing demand for mental health support.

Lifeline Australia, a 24-hour mental health and suicide prevention hotline, said August was the busiest month in 58 years of history.

August 19th, Victoria Enters 200 YearsNS Greater Sydney, New South Wales (NSW) has been undergoing an extended blockade since late June and was initially planned to run for five weeks to contain the CCP (China) delta outbreak. Communist Party) virus, commonly known as the new coronavirus.

After that, the blockage was extended two more times. First, until the end of August (authorities say the vaccination rate is low), and then until September 30th.

In the three weeks from June 26th to July 17th, New South Wales unemployed 200,000 SMEs, 64,000 SMEs and 12,000 large companies, and the unemployment was serious.

“The blockade has a far greater impact on SMEs than on large companies,” said Kurt Wallace, an IPA researcher.

“Every time a blockade is implemented, the effect is the same. Thousands of small business workers are forced to quit their jobs, but those who work in large businesses are much more likely to continue working.”

Daniel Y. Ten