Sir Michael Oswald, former manager of Royal Stud, died at the age of 86

Si Michael Oswald-Eddie Mulholland & # xa0; with Queen Mother at the 1999 Cheltenham Race

Si Michael Oswald-Eddie Mulholland with Queen’s Mother at the 1999 Cheltenham Race

Sir Michael Oswald, a former manager of Royal Stud, died at the age of 86.

The widow, Mrs. Angela, who was the lady-in-waiting of the Queen’s mother, paid tribute to her husband, who did “the best job.”

“He always said that everyone was doing the best job he had ever experienced, and if he was a rich man who didn’t need to work, he would just do it,” she said. Told. According to the racing post.

Sir Michael became the manager of the Royal Stud in 1970 and remained in that position for almost 30 years.

He also served as Queen Mother’s Racing Manager and became Queen’s Jump Advisor after her death.

Queen’s Racing Advisor John Warren told the Racing Post: Such a topic from all royal winners. “

Trainer Nicky Henderson added that Sir Michel had “the most amazing sparkle around him and such a nice evil air.”

“He’s really the nicest guy and came out with such a wonderfully witty line. He has a great military background and always calls his wife, Lady Angela, the commander. I was there, “he added.

“He was very close to the Queen and her mother and loved his role with their horses.”

In 2002 Sir Michael unveiled the story of King Queen’s gambling and drinking It wasn’t true or was exaggerated.

“As far as I know, she never bet,” he said at the time. “The myth began because her late secretary, Sir Martin Giliat, was the most entertaining man, very enthusiastic about racing, and joking about their” heavy bets. “

“He suggested he had lost his fortune, but at £ 500,000 he read £ 5 for him and nothing for the Queen’s mother. I’m sure she had never made a bet. There. “