Six relatives died in apparent murder-suicide at home in Texas



The man seeks a “close” with his ex-girlfriend — and is killed

Lauren Hai, who is smart, looks good, and has plenty of charm, has gone on the path with women. But when one ex couldn’t hold him alone, he died. Hai was born in 1988 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was an only child and was raised by his mother and grandmother. “They had very high expectations for Lauren. A friend, Curtis Peterson, told Oxygen’s’Snap’, which aired on Sunday at 6 / 5c on Oxygen. When he was 18, Hai’s mother died suddenly of a heart attack. “I feel like some of him left after his mother died. He didn’t know how to fill the gap,” former girlfriend Suzette Bourgeois told the producer. He later fell in love with a woman named Natasha and had two daughters. “He was a great father. He read those books. He pushed them in at night. He prayed with them,” said friend Cariba Watson “Snap.” It was. The relationship between Lauren and Natasha did not last long, but maintained a good relationship for the children. In 2015, Hai began dating Porsche Marie Humphrey. According to Watson, Humphrey was a confident “smooth speaker.” The tragedy of the family as a child left an indelible mark. “Her mom killed her dad in front of her when she was young,” Humphrey’s friend Laquisha Martin said, “Snap.” “Her mom was in jail. She was put into the system. She turned to a man to fill a gap that she felt couldn’t be obtained from anyone else.” Humphrey was still a teenager. Around that time, I started a relationship with a man who had four children. At the age of 29, she started dating Hai. Hai and Humphrey talked about marriage and children, but a year later their relationship began to decline. They fought for money, and Humphrey was afraid that Hai would leave her. Another woman. “She was a very jealous woman,” said her friend Amber Williams, “Snap.” “He liked someone’s post on Facebook and they were having a full-fledged discussion about it, so they broke up afterwards. He’s just finished the drama.” Then 2017 On February 5, Curtis Peterson went to Milwaukee’s house in High. People were beginning to worry after he hadn’t contacted him for days. Peterson put himself in when Hai didn’t answer the front door. A 28-year-old boy was found dead on the floor of the living room with a gunshot wound on his chest. Peterson called the police and soon arrived at the scene. The temperature inside Lauren Hi-Hi’s apartment was about 47 degrees Fahrenheit. This meant his body. It was very well preserved, but it was also difficult to determine when it died. Investigators found a piece of glass containing an unknown drug on the sofa in the living room. There was a fingerprint on the glass. There were two .40 caliber bullet casings. According to court documents, Peterson said detective Hai had lost his home with a .40 caliber gun. No valuables were brought in and there were no signs of forced entry. The detective contacts Suzette Bourgeois, who lives in Atlanta, and has a long-distance relationship with Havin’s gHigh. She said they contacted daily and he last contacted me around 7 pm on February 1st. The bourgeoisie said that when they last spoke, Hai was depressed and had discussed with Humphrey about his ongoing problems. “Every time he mentions Porsche, it was operational, mean, or cruel what she did,” the bourgeoisie told the producer. A few days ago, the bourgeoisie had a video call with Hai when Humphrey stopped by and insisted that he needed to use the bathroom. “She went to the bathroom and lay naked on the other side of the couch,” the bourgeois told the producer. “She started doing something one after another, and it got crazy every time. At that time, he seemed to have done it completely with her.” The detective said a few days before his body was discovered. Talked to a neighbor who claimed to have seen High. “It closed the window from February 3rd to February 5th,” said Milwaukee police detective James Hutchinson “snapped.” High’s friend KC Spencer spoke to the police and detailed his complex romantic life. “I was able to inform the police that Lauren had begun to meet another young woman in the meantime,” Spencer said. “Porsche has had some problems in his life lately.” According to Spencer, Hai only smoked marijuana, but Humphrey was known to go for harder drugs. .. The detective contacted Humphrey and asked her to come for an interview. She confirmed that she and High were on and off again. Humphrey began withdrawing receipts while the detective was asking questions in an attempt to establish a timeline. “She says it’s a document that shows where she was on February 1, the day the detective believed she would speak to her,” Milwaukee County assistant Grant Huebner told the producer. It was. This was surprising to researchers. “At that time, it was unusual for her to provide an explanation for this very detailed event on February 1. At that point, Lauren thought she hadn’t been killed until February 3. “Hutchinson said,” snap. ” When asked about the glass found on the high couch, Humphrey claimed she hadn’t been to his house for weeks. She also talked about conflicting stories about whether she had ever dealt with high guns. By catching her in a lie, the detective was able to arrest her for sabotage. Police searched Humphrey’s house in nearby Walkisha. According to court documents, they confiscated some wet, cleaner-smelling clothing. They then interviewed Humphrey’s sister, who said she met her on February 2, three days before Hai’s body was found. “On February 2, Porsche says he was shot by his sister Lauren. No one knew that Lauren was shot. Nobody knew anything about this. That is, Porsche was shot elsewhere in the world. It means that he had information that no one had, “Hubner told the producer. Hai’s phone did not show communication after February 1, and the detective determined that their timeline was incorrect. They now believed that he was actually killed five days before his body was discovered. High and Humphery was planning to meet by sending a text message all day on February 1st. According to court documents, Humphrey sent the final text at 12:47 am on February 2, “I didn’t come, so I hope you’re not angry with me.” Hai was also sending a text message with another girl he was watching, Dachanel Harris. Investigators interviewed Harris, who said he spent the night of January 31, 2017 at Hai’s house. On the evening of February 1, Hai sent a text message to Harris: I wish you good luck. Harris said the “former” was the Porsche Humphrey of the Milwaukee CBS-affiliated WDJT reported in 2017. Investigators asked Harris to look at a picture of the crime scene in the hope that she would find something out of place. “When Dachanel pointed to the couch and left on the morning of February 1, he could say that this piece of glass with drug residue wasn’t really there,” said Milwaukee police Nathan.・ Sergeant Butts said, “Snap.” Testing revealed that the substance on the glass was MDMA. “This glass had Humphrey’s fingerprints,” Hutchinson explains. According to FOX6Now, investigators obtained video footage from Humphrey on a city bus on the day of the murder, dressed in confiscated clothes from his home. Milwaukee. Humphrey’s cell phone data was even worse. “The important thing is that the phone hit more than 100 hits between 7:30 and 11:30 and hit the victim’s home,” Huebner said. Humphrey was arrested on March 21, 2017 and charged with one reckless murder. She finally pleaded guilty to two reckless murders in Lauren Hai’s shooting. On March 23, 2018, she was sentenced to nine years in prison. According to FOX 6 Now Milwaukee, prison and long-term supervision for another 6 years. Currently 34 years old, she will be released in 2027. For more information on this and other incidents, see “Snapped,” which airs on Sunday 6 / 5c on oxygen.