Skill Transfer Visa Boost is Not the Only Answer to the Labor Crisis: Australian Treasurer


Australia’s Finance Minister Jim Charmers is short-term immigrant numbers as industry leaders are asking the government to allow up to 200,000 foreign immigrants to come to Australia each year to fill jobs. Claims that the increase is not a silver bullet for labor shortages.

More than 100 business leaders, trade unions and state governments are preparing to meet at the two-day summit in Canberra’s Parliament in early September. Chalmers has revealed that the proposals raised at the summit could impact the federal budget for October.

Chalmers said it was not the only solution to the problem, as more skilled immigrant visas were required to deal with the labor crisis.

“Once we get out of the COVID-19 period when the migration tap was significantly turned off, the program will speed up again and it should be an opportunity to talk about the best combination of migrations,” he told ABC Radio on Tuesday. ..

“I warn people not to think that migration is the solution to all our financial challenges. It’s part of the story, but it’s not the whole story, and it’s because of its role. Should not be an alternative to training Australians.

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Workers pack up at a cafe in Brisbane, Australia, June 29, 2021. (Jono Searle / Getty Images)

Call to deal with labor shortages

Andrew McKellar, CEO of the Australian Chamber of Commerce, has proposed that the government expand its immigration program to 200,000 locations annually. Told Sky News On July 7, the Australian economy was “worst in nearly 50 years.”

He said Australia’s current national unemployment rate is 3.9%, while vacancies are 480,000, about the same level as the unemployment rate.

“In such situations, one of the most viable options is obviously to reduce the burden, bureaucracy, bureaucracy, the extra costs they face and respond quickly to the country. Take me, “he said.

Jennifer Westacot, CEO of the Business Council, said, “Companies demand that about 500,000 workers play a role and keep doors open, more than double the level before the pandemic. I have. “

“Without a surveyor, we can’t hire hundreds of Australians in the construction industry. We can’t provide an infrastructure pipeline without engineers. We can’t even open restaurants or cafes. Staff.” she is Said on June 30th.

“Currently, we need both a targeted transition to fill significant shortfalls at all skill levels and a skill system that allows workers to easily and quickly train the skills that employers need in the long run.”

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On January 3, 2021, a waitress can be seen delivering cutlery at Mosman’s cafe in Sydney, Australia. (Jenny Evans / Getty Images)

Summit connecting government and business leaders

July 11, Secretary-General of the Australian Trade Union Council Sally McManus Said The September Summit is an opportunity to fix the neglected skills sector and work on a “broken bargaining system.”

Treasurer Chalmers agreed, adding that “breaking the agreement has been a problem for some time in our labor-management architecture.”

“If we can get consensus on some of these issues and get a sense of consensus … we have the opportunity to act quickly and if it’s appropriate, we’ll do it,” he said. rice field.

“I wanted [the summit] If there is an opportunity for the October budget or the second budget for May, or any other opportunity to legislate in Congress, be fast enough to give ourselves that flexibility. “

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