Sky News Australia Suspended by YouTube


According to a statement, YouTube temporarily suspended posting on Sky News Australia’s video platform and made its first strike on a popular right-wing news channel over “COVID-19 false alarms.”

Technology giants say the decision to issue a strike is based on the guidance of local and global health authorities disputed by Sky News Australia and is constantly “subject to change” with updates to guidance from various authorities. “.

Sky news australia Added The outage went beyond the “old videos” posted on that channel.

The strike means Sky News Australia will stop uploading content to 1.85 million subscribers on its YouTube account for a week.

“Specifically, content that denies the presence of COVID-19 or encourages the use of hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin to treat or prevent the virus is not allowed,” YouTube told local media. Said in an early version of the statement sent. “We allow videos with sufficient counter-context that the offending video did not provide.”

“The host has not implicitly denied the existence of COVID-19 and explicitly refuses that such videos have been published or deleted,” Sky News Australia said. ..

The network recognizes YouTube’s right to implement its own policies, adding that “we look forward to continuing to publish popular news and analytics content to our viewers.”

“We support a wide range of discussions and debates on a wide range of topics and perspectives that are essential to any democracy,” added a network spokesman. “We are committed to seriously meeting the expectations of our editors and the community.”

Local media reported that the strike came into effect on July 29.

According to YouTube policy, the channel will be permanently banned from the platform if there are three strikes within 90 days.