Slender man woman with still dangerous puncture wounds

Wisconsin Walkisha (AP) — Judges must deny a request for release by a Wisconsin woman convicted of stabbing her classmates to please the Internet horror character Slender Man. For conditional releases.

Earlier this month, 19-year-old Anissa Wire asked Judge Michael Boren of the Walkisha County Circuit Court. Release her From the Winnebago Mental Health Institute in Oshkosh. Boren sentenced him to 25 years in the facility in December 2017 after a jury determined that she would not be criminally liable for her role in puncture wounds.

Kevin Osborne, Deputy District Attorney for Walkisha County, submitted a response to the court on Friday.

“Her spirit is still immature, formed and vulnerable to danger. At this point, she simply cannot be released safely,” Osborne wrote. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report.

Wire and her friend Morgan Geyser invited classmate Peyton Reutner to Walkisha Park after oversleeping in May 2014. The geyser stabbed Reutner many times as he advised Geyser to injure him. At that time, all three girls were 12 years old.

Reutner barely survived the wound.Wire and Geyser told investigators that they stabbed her because they thought. Slender man was real And attacking Reutner will make them his servants and prevent him from killing their family.

“Is there any guarantee that she will never do this again, either for the thrill or to please her new friend? Because of her situation, it is difficult to find a real, suitable, friend. Instead, she seems to attract people with their own myriad of psychological problems, “Osborn argued.

Bohren is planning a hearing on this matter on June 11th. If Boren orders his release, Wire will be appointed Case Manager of the State Department of Health Services to track his progress until he is 37 years old.

Geysers are sentenced to up to 40 years in mental health facilities.

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