Slovenian Prime Minister urges EU to confront Lithuania against Chinese pressure


Brussels — According to a copy seen by Reuters, the European Union must confront Lithuania against Chinese pressure and must not succumb to trade threats, the Slovenian Prime Minister addressed fellow EU leaders. Said in a letter.

Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša holds the EU Presidency for six months, saying the Chinese administration’s decision to resign as Lithuanian ambassador over the conflict over Taiwan is “blame” and will undermine relations between the EU and China. Said in a letter on September 13. ..

“We will only be able to face China well with a united, coherent and common approach,” writes Yansa. “We must support all EU member states facing pressure.”

Lithuania and Taiwan opened a mutual representative office this year as a sign of deepening relations.

The Chinese Communist Party administration sees Taiwan, which is fiercely democratic and autonomous, as part of its territory and threatens to use force to bring the island under control. I am regularly angry at the movements that suggest that the island is another country.

Beijing recalled the ambassador from Vilnius and expelled Lithuania from Beijing. Lithuania has recalled Beijing’s ambassador for talks.

Lithuanian officials also said the Chinese administration has begun to make trade with the Baltic states more difficult and has suspended approval of food export licenses to China.

In the letter, Jansha said that Taiwan “continues to be our important partner. This should not be denied.”

EU leaders will discuss their approach to China, the EU’s second largest trading partner, at a summit dinner in Slovenia on October 5.

EU diplomats in Brussels say the Chinese administration is splitting 27 countries to increase their influence and weaken their power in trade, business and politics.

Epoch Times staff contributed to this report