Slow response to N-words at the school board causes repulsion

One officer appeared to be quite upset about his parents’ use of racist terms.

The mother of Grosse Pointe, Michigan, was infected with the virus this week after using ethnic slur at a board of education meeting on diversity.

An unidentified white woman ranted during a meeting on Monday about having a problem at Grosse Pointe South High School because her son said N-word on Snapchat. Click on Detroit Report.

Parents used N-word at Glow Pointe Public School Board / (YouTube screenshot)

Parents used N-word at Glow Pointe Public School Board / (YouTube screenshot)

“Well, what do you know? I have two young white boys, one of whom had a hard time saying N-word. Snapchat“The parents said.

She defended her son, “His dark chocolate aunt gave him Straight Outta Compton.. “

“My address was given there,” continued the mother. “We were threatened, and why? Because he said [the N-word].. Sorry, this is included in all songs. FCC, John Connors, The person in charge of this is basically allowing this. “

A member of the board cut off her and politely warned the woman, “Look at your words.”

Women continued to describe themselves as “people in the city center” who were immersed in culture. She “intentionally put” her son into “very mostly all-black dance classes, sales schools, so I put them all in. “

One officer appeared to be quite upset by the racist language of women.

“I’ve never heard of the N-word used in front of my colleagues here, which is very annoying,” said a board member of the Gros Pointe Public School. Margaret Wertz.. “And I don’t — I have a floor. We need to talk about politics. We don’t look down on people — we don’t use slurs of any kind.”

“And the argument that it can be heard elsewhere is the most offensive argument and has led to countless atrocities in our history,” said the director of Gross Pointe Public School. Was John dean..

Some residents of Grosse Pointe are outraged at being allowed to continue speaking after the woman uttered the N-word.Some parents reacted at that moment Private Facebook page For the inhabitants of Glow Pointe.

Famous Civil Rights Lawyer Ben Clamp I watched and wrote a viral video twitter: “Parents used n-word on the board of Glow Pointe Public School … and board members did not deal with her offensive comments until she finished speaking. Continue this nasty word. What examples do they give our children by letting them ?! “

Around School policy In response to vulgar and profane words, the female son is reportedly suspended for 4-10 days due to the use of N-word online.

“This idea that racists see in front of their faces and don’t deal with them means you don’t care, so it’s not well reflected in the school board and school district,” he said. .. Greg Bowens Grosse Pointe and Harper Woods NAACP.. He received a large number of calls from residents who were angry that board members did not immediately blame the woman.

“I think she could make her claim without making those comments,” Bowens added.

In a statement after the meeting, President of the Gross Pointe Board of Education Joseph Hard After she threw the N-word, she responded to a backlash against allowing the woman to continue her rant.

“If you’ve seen the board during your presidency, it emphasizes how important it is to us to model and listen to all the voices of our citizens, even if they disagree. Have seen Said.. “In essence, with professional training, I am a peacekeeper. But my willingness to listen means that I or the Board agree to use such terms. Don’t think it means. We blame this word. “

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