SNC-Lavalin and two former executives charged with fraud and counterfeiting

According to police, RCMP has arrested and charged two former SNC-Lavalin executives facing multiple criminal charges, including fraud, government fraud, counterfeiting, and conspiracy.

Former Vice Presidents of SNC-Lavalin Normand Morin and SNC-Lavalin International Inc. Two men identified as Kamal Francis, former vice presidents of the company, were charged with the former company in connection with criminal activity. An engineering consortium based in Quebec is involved.

An RCMP study, known as Project Agrafe, is investigating various SNC subsidiaries and employees in connection with bribes claimed to have been paid by police in exchange for contract acquisition.

“This was a long and very complex investigation,” said Denis Beaudoin, an inspector of the RCMP Confidential and International Investigations section of the National Sector. statement..

“as a result [investigators’] Continued dedication identified evidence, collected it over the years, and ultimately led to the accusation announced today. “

Morin and Francis will be released from detention and will appear in court in Montreal on September 27, along with representatives of SNC-Lavalin and SNC-Lavalin International.

RCMP, along with SNC-Lavalin Inc. and its international branch, did not disclose details of the charges imposed on the two men, but forged, counterfeit conspiracy, fraud, fraudulent conspiracy, etc. Includes crimes under Canadian criminal law. Government fraud, and conspiracy to commit government fraud.

SNC-Lavalin was previously charged with bribes in connection with a transaction in Libya. Libya became the center of a high-profile dispute between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and then Attorney General Jody Wilson Raybold in 2019.

Andrew Chen


Andrew is a Toronto-based reporter.