Snow and sub-zero temperatures move to Kansas City overnight.This is what you expect from the metro

He said storms could make Kansas City look more like winter than spring, as it would allow muddy roads to commute on Tuesday morning. FOX4 Meteorologist Karli Ritter..

“We will see the high temperatures at noon in the 1950s (Monday) before the cold front announces its existence and we begin to fall,” said Ritter, who provides the stars with the latest weather information. Told. “The temperature in the drive home will be much lower, which will prepare us for the winter weather to recover.”

In the Kansas City area, a winter weather advisory was published Monday at 10 pm. This is because late winter storms are expected to move to the metro, and the area north of the metro has already been affected by the storm system. Said.

“We’re talking about snowfall late tonight and tomorrow morning,” Ritter said. “Tomorrow morning commute will put a little risk in some places, especially in northern Missouri.”

In Kansas City, the mix of rain and snow could start tonight at the earliest, but she said the main event would arrive overnight tomorrow morning.

“We’re talking about snowfall,” Ritter said. “It’s likely to happen during the morning rush, it will be a little muddy on the road, but the main accumulation is on the surface of the lawn.”

The storm system will move out of the area by Tuesday lunch time. She said the snow would melt quickly when the sun came back and the temperature rose to 40 degrees Celsius.

“But when everything is said, it’s definitely possible to snow again on some of the grassy surfaces, up to 2 inches of snow,” Ritter said. “It can be one of the situations that looks like a winter wonderland in the morning and doesn’t even look like it snowed in the afternoon.”

However, the temperature below freezing is predicted behind this system, so the weather like winter is not over. According to Ritter, freezing monitoring devices are installed because temperatures are expected to be below 20 degrees Celsius, or at least below freezing, on Wednesday and Thursday mornings.