Snowstorm dusts Athens with a layer of snow

On Monday, a snowstorm struck Athens, the capital of Greece, causing traffic jams, forcing flight cancellations and suspending coronavirus vaccination in the larger Athens region.

A storm named Elpida (Greek for “hope”) also covered several Greek islands with snow.

Authorities warned the general public to limit outdoor travel to what is essential on Mondays and Tuesdays, while schools in many areas are closed.

The snow fell thick and fast in central Athens and settled on the marble pillars of the ancient Acropolis.

Authorities have sent emergency alerts to mobile phones in the wider Athens region to call on people to avoid heavy snow warnings and unnecessary movements.

Many roads around Athens required snow chains for cars, but trucks were banned on the highways north of the capital.

Nonetheless, the ice conditions of some vehicles and the lack of snow chains caused hours of traffic congestion on many roads, including the highway ring road and one of Athens’ main roads.

Associated Press