Soaring demand for pirated Microsoft products in sanctions-attacks Russia

Russian citizens are increasingly searching online for pirated Microsoft products after Moscow has stopped domestic sales after Moscow invaded Ukraine.

According to June 27, Google search for Windows 10 activation methods in Russia has increased by 80-250% in the last 90 days. report According to the Kommersant newspaper. One of the fastest growing queries in June was the free download of Microsoft Excel, which saw a 650% increase in searches.

“End consumers still have no problems registering and activating their products. For legal entities, it depends on whether the company is sanctioned,” said Marvel Distribution’s electronic services and software solutions. Development Director Igor Martyshev told Kommersant.

Martyushev estimates that the current level of boxed Microsoft OS inventory will last for months. There was no new delivery of the boxed OS, he added.

According to the newspaper, Russian citizens who purchase a boxed version of Windows OS or a laptop with a pre-installed OS can only use it if they select a country other than Russia or Belarus during the registration process.

Microsoft stopped selling new products and services in Russia on March 4, just days after the invasion of Ukraine. The technology company also said it was “significantly” shrinking its domestic business. Bloomberg..

Over 400 employees will be affected by the move. “We work closely with affected employees to ensure that they are treated with respect and full support during this difficult time,” the company said.

Switch to alternative software

According to a June 24 report, Moscow has urged government agencies and state-owned enterprises to stop using Windows OS and switch to Linux. Moscow Times..

On public procurement websites, hundreds of contracts for purchasing and installing Linux worth billions of rubles have been posted by entities such as Rosatom, Gazprom, and clinics.

Russia is also facing problems with industrial software used in farms, factories, oil fields and more. Industrial manufacturers such as SMS Group GmbH and Siemens AG have been forced to suspend operations in Russia due to international sanctions.

Talk to BloombergElena Semenovskaya, IDC’s Russian-focused analyst, found that sourcing software for computer-aided design and manufacturing was an important issue that could be a drag on the country’s development. Said that.

“Russian analogues in this area are much weaker and more in need,” said Semenovskaya. “But for now, the approach is to rely on piracy and outdated copies, which is a dead end and not sustainable.”

Naveen Athrappully


Naveen Athrappully is a news reporter on business and global events in The Epoch Times.