Social media hates KC Chiefs Patrick Mahomes and his fiancée is the worst of us

Chief Quarterback Patrick Mahomes has landed in two controversial firestorms this week, and here’s a list of his known activities over the past few days:

He helped Honorary Captain of the First HBCU Legacy Bowl On Saturday, he sat in the courtyard with his fiancé for a college basketball game at his alma mater at the beginning of the week.

Still, at the end of Wednesday, Mahomes, yes, felt he had to assert that he really loved the woman he was planning to marry. And on Friday, he dismissed a report suggesting to her (and his younger brother, Jackson) that they could no longer participate in the Chiefs match.

“Recently, we’re just making it together,” Mahomes wrote on Twitter.

If it were me, I wouldn’t cover the story at all. I give them time to deserve that kind of “journalism” — none — but when I jump into a 900-word column about it, it’s easy for me to say.

Except that this column isn’t really about Patrick Mahomes. Or his fiancé and high school lover, Brittany Matthews.

It’s about the rest of us.

After the couple interacted at a Texas Tech basketball game, a popular website on Twitter asked if Mahomes needed intervention because he chose to live with him. The tweets on this site contained links to Mahomes and Matthews articles, which generated approximately 60,000 likes and 8,000 retweets.


Who has an addiction here?

Later in the week, “reporters” reported news that Mahomes had stopped both his brother and Matthews from participating in the Chiefs’ match, but after the move was applauded by strangers. , I withdrew long after. three.

This is not a new topic, but a favorite topic of inferior students in certain publications and social media that they are trying to achieve.

They urge Mahomes to choose someone other than the one he was dating as a sophomore in high school. That should be a really sweet story — this is their adventure together, and despite signing a deal to pay him $ 500 million, he was with the woman who was with him.

Oh, but they would argue that they don’t like her personality. She is too big for people who can’t handle candid women. It’s too crazy for some people. She’s the scariest, not attractive enough to others — people have the courage to comment on her appearance while hiding behind the safety of an iPhone screen protector.

I was able to find the tweet — dig into the receipt — but many of the best examples are unpleasant to even publish. I can plead to stop it, but those who are willing to abandon strangers on social media are not the open-minded type.

If Mahomes and Matthews weren’t famous, that is, if his profession didn’t put him in front of millions of people every Sunday in the fall, we would call this what it is. ..


He earns millions of dollars, so is it worth the weeks like this? He earns millions of dollars, She Is it worth it? Is this part of the gig? If that means making $ 500 million, would we all wear a certain badge?

There is nothing about their unearned income.

That’s exactly what they encounter on social media.

She is not perfect. He is not so either. Neither I nor you. Yes, I know Matthews celebrated the victory of the Chief Spray Off by spraying champagne on the fans under her. She posted some frustrating social media posts. I didn’t care about champagne spray. But almost I didn’t care. My day continued in the same way. You did that too. And so were the slightly wet people-because they weren’t complaining in the first place.

Some people use just that example as a reason they hate Matthews. It’s backwards. She provided ammunition for the conclusions they reached long ago.

Their reminders that she brought this herself are constant. If you find something annoying, you’ll be harassed online for the rest of your life. It is not justified that this happens to other athletes or other public figures.

Of course, this shows that social media is highly toxic. Of course, it’s a culture where many people can say so much that they don’t dare to say it directly.

A few years ago, after he played for the World Cup, Sporting Kansas City advocate Matt Bethler said he was threatened with murder on social media. Former Royals pitcher Danny Duffy has quit Twitter twice because of a loud and loud minority. He participated to promote Noah’s Bandage Project, a charity that fights cancer in children.

What are you doing here? I think this is part of social media, do I need to be? Did you accept it as a broccoli that needs to be digested at dinner?

Matthews does not need a sports columnist to protect her. I don’t know her personally. I have never met her.

But that’s the point. Not so is the overwhelming majority who continue to fill her timeline with deliberate negativity.

This is not as much a defense as an appeal to something much simpler.

Human dignity.

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