Social media model charged with murdering boyfriend in Florida

MIAMI (AP) — South Florida prosecutors announced Thursday that they have charged social media model Courtney Clenny with second-degree murder in connection with the fatal stabbing of her live-in boyfriend. .

Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Randle announced the charges against the 26-year-old model at a press conference. Fernandez Randle, who goes by the name Courtney Tailor on platforms such as Instagram and OnlyFans, said he remains imprisoned in Hawaii while authorities seek extradition to Florida.

Fernandez Randle characterized Christian Obmuselli’s April 3 death in his Miami apartment as the culmination of a “furious and combative relationship” that began in November 2020. A powerful downward thrust from his 3-inch (7.6-centimeter) blade into his chest pierced a major artery.

According to the arrest report, Clenny admitted to killing Obmuseri, but said she was acting in self-defense. She said Obmuseri pushed her and threw her to the floor, so she grabbed it from about 10 feet (3 meters) away and threw it with a knife. The coroner said Obmuseri’s wounds could not have been caused by a knife thrown from that distance.

Clenny’s Miami defense attorney, Frank Prieto, did not immediately respond to a message to the Associated Press seeking comment. He said they were looking forward to clearing her name in court.