Social worker says she was fired for her gender views, relationship with Jordan Peterson

Best-selling author and podcast host claims Canadian social worker fired from government employer over private tweets about her gender views and relationship with Jordan Peterson confirmed by him.

Peterson could not be reached for comment, but he said murmured On Feb. 10, the social worker’s account said it was “true” and that she was using an alias “due to constant harassment.” He posted a link to a GoFundMe crowdfunding motion It is hosted by a woman named Reena Kaur.

Kaul said on her fundraising page that she has been “out of work for months” and while seeking channels to “fight for my free speech and the Charter of Rights”, the lost I intend to use the funds to cover my wages and legal costs.

She says she was fired from a $77,000-a-year non-union job without a letter of reference because of her personal tweets and her relationship with Peterson.

“My dismissal letter stated that I was associated with a known ‘transphobic, racist, and misogynistic person’ who referred to Dr. Peterson. The tweet was labeled transphobic, but if you read carefully, my tweet is grounded in science, logic and biology,” she wrote.

“We now live in a world that requires us to believe in absurdities when it comes to gender and biology. We are targeted, vilified, demoted or, in my case, fired from my job.”

She said, “Men can’t get pregnant. Men can’t menstruate. As I’m noticing at work, you have to stop saying who’s pregnant in documents and reports.”

Another tweet said: be. “

She also tweeted, “Biological men shouldn’t be in women’s prisons because they endanger women.”

Kaul said people “make their living by daring to tell the truth in private”. Not hateful truths, but simple truths like stop telling kids not to take puberty blockers, pregnant people, men can’t menstruate, etc. ”

The fundraiser had raised $2,175 against the $77,000 goal as of February 12th.

Kaur says on her fundraising page that she has dedicated much of her life to working as a social worker and frontline counselor. “For the past 25 years, I have worked with oppressed and vulnerable people, including rape victims from Congo and Rwanda, her homeless community, refugees, people dealing with mental health and addiction, and abused women and children. I have been,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, Peterson has been embroiled in a dispute with a University of Ontario psychologist over his social media posts. The university ordered the clinical psychologist to undergo “social media training” by her one of his two social media coaches chosen by the regulatory body, or to be reprimanded. Coaches are at their own expense and risk losing their license if they do not comply.

But if the new bill, proposed by Conservative MP Garnet Jeanus, is passed, the “political beliefs or activities” Peterson and Kaul have accused, such as the social media posts, would be protected under human rights law. category

Genuis cited a case in which Peterson was reprimanded by the university for posting on social media. He said that once the law is passed, individuals will be able to defend themselves using the right of free expression guaranteed by the Charter or human rights law.

Tara MacIsaac contributed to this report.