SoftBank reportedly discontinued Pepper humanoid robot production last year



We may soon say goodbye to SoftBank’s humanoid robot Pepper.QuoteReutersIt is reported that SoftBank has ceased production of this robot last year and has also reduced its manpower in robotics-related fields. Since its launch, SoftBank has only produced 27,000 Peppers through Foxconn. It is obvious that its sales are not ideal.

Nihon Keizai ShimbunThere were also reports on this, and pointed out that the weak demand in the market was the reason for SoftBank’s discontinuation of Pepper. SoftBank responded that they will not completely abandon Pepper, and will re-develop and produce when demand increases.

Pepper is designed as a social robot that can recognize human faces and basic expressions, and can communicate with humans.Although it appeared at the time of saleSold out in one minuteHowever, the number provided at that time was only 1,000 units. At present, most of the robots produced by SoftBank are leased to company customers, and they also have this robot in their mobile phone stores.

Since Pepper is a robot that sells for more than $1,600, most small businesses and developers cannot afford this expensive price. Reuters pointed out that in addition to price, there is no guarantee in terms of functionality and reliability. In addition, Softbank was unable to add more new features to Pepper due to cultural conflicts between the Japanese management team and the main group that developed robots in France.

SoftBank has focused on the cleaning robot Whiz, and with the discontinuation of Pepper, half of its sales staff in the United Kingdom and the United States have been laid off. At the same time, it plans to cut the French team with a total of 330 people by half in September.

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