Soldiers say she was sexually assaulted in Fort Sill

Lawton, Oklahoma (AP) — Soldiers in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, were suspended from service until investigations into allegations that female soldiers had been sexually assaulted, the Army commander said.

“She reported that she was a victim of a sexual assault involving a senior member of Fort Sill,” said a soldier training at the post at the end of last month, said Major Ken Kamper. Said in a statement Thursday.

The woman filed a formal complaint on March 27, but it is unknown when the alleged assault occurred. Kamper also did not say how many people were allegedly involved, only calling them members of the executive. He said they were “presumed to be all innocent until they were suspended from their normal duties, removed from the trainee’s environment and underwent a complete and thorough investigation.”

Mr. Kamper said the assault was “immediately reported to law enforcement agencies” and is being investigated by the US Army Criminal Investigation Command.

A vast infusion of Fort Sill, about 90 miles (145 km) southwest of Oklahoma City. It is a well-known artillery training center with a capacity of approximately 53,000, including 20,000 military and civilian staff.

During the press conference, Kamper said he did not directly answer the question as to whether the assault was an isolated case at the post. Lawton Constitution. Fort Sill officials did not immediately respond to Sunday’s request for comment.

According to Kamper, the soldiers who reported the assault were immediately involved in the services of the victims. “We are proud of the courage she has shown in moving these claims forward,” he said.

The epidemic of sexual harassment and assault in the military became a problem Increasing public interest After the killing of Spc last year. Vanessa Gillen at the Texas Army Garrison.

Army investigators, 20-year-old Gillen Be beaten and die Fort Hood by a fellow soldier who later committed suicide. Gillen’s family said she had been sexually harassed by the soldier, but the Army said there was no evidence of it.