Soldiers say the driver’s death has been pushed into Ruskin’s utility pole from US Route 41

Ruskin — Soldiers say a 41-year-old Tampa driver was killed on Saturday when he knocked out a car from US 41 and hit it against a utility pole.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the driver’s vehicle was trapped under a downed power line at the collision site. First responders worked to recover and identify their bodies.

The crash occurred at around 6:45 pm at US41, north of Barroy Road near Manatees RV Park.

A 41-year-old Tampa man was driving south on US 41, overtaking another car in the inner lane and overtaking in the right lane. However, the soldiers say that the left front edge of the Tampa man hit the right rear of the other vehicle.

Due to the collision, Tampa’s man’s car moved to the west shoulder. When he overcorrected, Trooper says the car re-entered the southbound lane and rolled. The Tampa man was wearing a seatbelt and was slightly injured.

Soldiers say other vehicles were driven off the roadway, entered the west shoulder, collided with utility poles and capsized. The driver died at the crash site. The highway patrol did not release any other information about the crash.