Soldiers will resign if they need the COVID vaccine.Big debate continues

Kentucky Republican Congressman Thomas Massie said he would “stop” on the weekend of July 4 if “a member of our voluntary army” contacted him and was ordered to vaccinate with COVID-19. The threat made him enthusiastic and praised.

As of Tuesday, Saturday’s tweet had more than 8,700 likes and more than 17,000 comments, and 280-character discussions continued among respondents.

Some agreed with Massy, ​​while others pointed out that all military personnel needed other vaccinations and that leaving the military would be considered absent without vacation. Lewis County lawmakers represent northern Kentucky.

Massie’s tweet followed the introduction on June 14th. HR 3860Bans the required COVID vaccine for military members. As of Tuesday, the bill has 23 Republicans who are all members of the Republican Party.

Twitter user and Army veteran @ VictorB123 replied: It was * mandatory * for me to receive them. This politics with Covid is not only stupid, but also dangerous to our national security. “

Another Twitter user, @ TinResistAgain, said George Washington inoculated his army against the outbreak of smallpox while he was a Continental Army general.

Massy continued tweeting on Monday and Tuesday, saying: The fact that policy debates in the United States focus on “vaccine evidence” rather than “immunity evidence” shows that science and reason have been overwhelmed by politics, interests and superstitions.

The· Army Times Reported that the command was ordered to prepare for management Essential vaccine As early as September. Kentucky has Fort Knox and Fort Campbell, as well as the National Guard.

by Findlaw, Army members will be absent without vacation if they abandon the designated location without permission or do not arrive at the designated location (AWOL). Escape occurs if they leave without intending to return, or if they are AWOL for 30 days.

According to Findlaw, punishment depends on the severity of the crime, but often involves “confiscation and confinement of wages.”

Twitter’s comment also cites Article 92 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, stating that military personnel who do not comply with orders or regulations or who have abandoned their duties are subject to court martial. Cornell Law School..

Massy said it was a member of the “Volunteer Army” who contacted Selective service systemThe lottery system was last used in March 1975. Since then, service in the military is optional.

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