Some bottles may contain ingredients not listed on the label and are at risk of allergies

One lot each of Pharmasave Advanced Relief Eye Drops and Compliments Advanced Relief Eye Drops has been recalled due to a packing error.

According to Health Canada, some bottles may contain ingredients not listed on the label.

According to authorities, the affected bottles may contain undeclared naphazoline HCl or glycerin, which can cause allergic reactions such as rashes and itchiness and swelling, especially on the face, tongue and throat. there is.

Recalled bottles can be labeled with either lot number AR21C03 or RL21D01.

Products distributed by Teva Canada Ltd. are used to temporarily relieve mild eye irritation, burning sensation, and redness of the eyes due to dryness, and are labeled for use by adults and children over the age of 6. Has been done.

Health Canada states that the recall was prompted after a complaint about Pharmasave eye drops.

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