Some British cinemas have banned teens in suits over the “Gentle Minions” trend of the virus

A new trend in social media is for teenage boys in formal suits to flock to the latest Minions movies, and in some cinemas in the UK, teens in suits for violent behavior. It is supposed to ban young people.

This trend involves a large group of teenage boys calling themselves Gentle Minions and participating in the screening of Minions: The Rise of Gru. This is the latest in the Despicable Me series.

Video of a teenager in a suit go to see Movie Large group I’m cheering loudly Became a virus On social media.

However, some movie fans on the viral #gentleminions train have been accused of destructive behavior during the show, such as noisy things and throwing items.

This has led many UK cinemas to ban groups of teenagers in suits from the venue, according to posts on social media and reports from the BBC and the UK press.

The Legal Cinema in Wadebridge, Cornwall prohibits minors in unaccompanied suits from watching movies.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Legal wrote:

“This is due to a problem that has occurred in the last two days and related behavior.”

Epoch Times Photo
File photo showing an overview of the premiere of the first “Minions” movie in Los Angeles, CA, June 27, 2015. (Kevin Winter / Getty Images)

image Share on social media Odeon Cinema showed a sign stating, “Because of the recent uproar following the #gentleminions trend, a group of guests in formal wear will be denied entry to the Minions: The Rise of Guru show.”

The only cinema on Guernsey, along with Mallard Cinema Manager Daniel Philips Smith, has completely stopped showing the film. Tell the BBC The group engaged in vandalism, throwing things, vowing, discussing with other movie fans, and abusing staff.

“It was absolutely heartbreaking. There was a family who didn’t get back to the screen when we tried to sort it out. The family left before the movie started, and of course the kids were weeping.” Phillips. -Smith told the outlet.

In some cases, police were called in for violent screening, and Guernsey police confirmed that the incident had been reported to the BBC.

Universal Pictures approved Trend says in a Twitter post, “We meet you and we love you.”

The Minions franchise started in 2010 with “Despicable Me”. The latest movie, Minions: The Rise of Guru, tells the origin of the reformed Supervillain Guru and his army of small yellow Henchmans known as Minions.

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