Some Canadians are still dissatisfied with not being able to cross the U.S. border


Toronto — Canadians complain that fully vaccinated Americans will soon be unable to drive across the border to the United States for casual visits, even if they can. ..

The federal government recently said restrictions on US citizens and permanent residents who were fully immunized against COVID-19 would be relaxed on August 9.

However, Canadians have not seen similar rule relaxation. On Wednesday, the US Department of Homeland Security extended the COVID-19 limit for overland travel from Canada until at least August 21st. Air travel to the United States is permitted under certain conditions.

For baseball fan Jeff Chatterton, this situation means he can’t cross the border into the Toronto Blue Jays game, as he did before the pandemic.

“I did everything (it) asked — I wore a mask, I got the vaccine, I was at home. Science says I’m safe When does the government respect it? ”Ontario residents said in an interview.

“I think it’s ominous to have thousands of fans in Buffalo and support the Blue Jays, but we’re on the other side, so it’s not safe enough to do the same.”

Bob Slack and his wife are also wondering when Canadian restrictions will be relaxed at the border.

Snowbirds live in Ascends, Ontario and drive to Winterhaven, Florida each year during the colder months. They didn’t make their annual trip after the pandemic, but they want to see their Florida home again.

“We are fully vaccinated,” he said. “We want to come back.”

Mr Slack said he was wondering when he could plan to head south. He said he would fly to Florida if needed, but then he would have to ship his car there.

“We’re going somehow,” he said, adding that he wanted to bring some of his belongings back to Canada. “It’s one of them, you know, you hate booking airfares, then the border opens.”

Heather Chienle is also frustrated.

The resident of Quebec is an American and her husband is Canadian. They live just outside Montreal with their young daughter. Pregnant Kienle said her family was eager to visit relatives in the United States, which meant her husband had to fly to the country.

“I don’t know what to think about anymore. Because we are a family, it’s easy to drive, especially now that there are several variations, so it’s more affordable and less risky.” She says the family can drive together from the United States to Canada, but not the other way around. Around.

“One-way tickets are expensive.”

Tracy Banghart, an American whose family has a hut in northern Ontario, said he was embarrassed by the lack of a coordinated approach at the border.

Virginia residents said her parents usually travel to their location on Lake Temagami each summer, but couldn’t go last year due to a pandemic. Banhart said he was grateful that his family was able to drive across borders to visit Canada and hoped that the rules would be relaxed soon as well for Canadians.

“I expected everyone to make a plan, but I didn’t feel that way,” she said.

Border experts say the Biden administration is likely not ready to open the US-Mexico border, given the refugee crisis that exists there, and wants to open both borders at the same time. I will.

Elena de Luigi