Some Needs “Awakened Detox Center”

Democratic political consultant James carville Didn’t pull the punch on Wednesday when he pointed to the Democratic blame Election loss I firmly took what he called “this stupid awakening” in Virginia and since this week.

Mr. Carville, who appears in PBS’s “News Hour,” said Democrats said he had previously “Faculty Lounge“Politics.

Mr. Carville claimed that he “really had a deterrent effect” on Democrats in races across the country.

“Some of these people need to go to an awakened detox center or something,” Carville said. advice Former President Bill Clinton. “They express a language that people don’t use, and it has repulsion and frustration.”

Mr Carville said suburban people across the country were “a little separated” from Democrats this week.

“We have to change this, not the dictionaries or the law,” he told host Judy Woodruff. They were “hurting the party” and “the very people you want to help”.

Check out Carville’s comments from 17:30 here:

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