Some Republicans set to attend WEF meeting of elite Swiss globalists

Multiple GOP lawmakers are set to attend the 2023 World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting, with some justifying their participation as necessary to expand “American exceptionalism” Some choose not to attend the event.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Rep. Maria Salazar (R-Florida) are two GOP members scheduled to participate in the “America (un)bound” event at the conference. America (Un) Bound discusses what we can expect from America’s “reformed legislative environment” from a domestic and foreign policy perspective. WEF 2023 will take place in Davos from January 16-20.

“Governor Kemp will travel to Davos to share with leaders that Georgia’s long track record of conservative governance, protection of individual liberty, and advocacy of opportunity serves as a model for economic success across the nation and around the world. Looking forward to seeing you from Kemp’s office! Said in a statement. Details about the trip or his planned remarks were not disclosed.

Spokesperson for Salazar Said The Daily Wire, which ensures lawmakers highlight “American exceptionalism and opportunities” available under a free market economy at the event.

In addition to Kemp and Salazar, Democrats such as Illinois Governor JB Pritzker, Senator Joe Manchin (D-V.V.), Sen. Chris Coons (D-D) and Sen. Kirsten Cinema (Washington-Arizona) will be on the panel. participate in .

Reason for attendance

Rep. Darrell Issa (Republican, California) and Mike Gallagher (Republican, Wisconsin) will also attend the Davos meeting, according to the US Embassy.

on January 11th Press releaseto justify his decision to attend the Davos conference, Issa has taken the message of “American exceptionalism” everywhere he needs to hear throughout his career, including “where you might disagree.” has previously received

Over the years, the WEF has made “many mistakes,” including the apparent danger of the Chinese Communist Party, the global energy crisis, climate extremism and the devastating COVID-19 lockdown. . This year, the WEF invited the presidents of Congo and Azerbaijan and offered a special platform for key Chinese officials, but Issa says that was also a mistake.

“Conservatives should not hesitate to go where progressive activists, world leaders and mainstream media congregate and tell them when they are wrong. We believe we can benefit from participating in conversations that tell the truth about,” said Issa.

“We should not agree to be barred from deeper dialogue at the World Economic Forum in the same way that we are barred from university campuses, online platforms, or public forums. It’s what we do around the world to drive out dissent and undermine free speech.”

threat to freedom

A Gallagher spokesperson told the Daily Wire that lawmakers were invited to the meeting but chose not to attend.

Senator James Risch (R-Idaho) was previously listed as a member of the US delegation to attend the WEF conference, according to the US embassies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. However, the updated list does not feature Lish’s name. A spokesperson confirmed to the press that lawmakers were not present at the event.

Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis recently dug into Davos attendees and viewed them as a threat. speech Early this month.

“The threat to freedom is more complex and pervasive than ever. There is,’ he said.

Back in August, DeSantis said, Davos Value imposed on Florida but from places like Dunedin where he grew up.

“Like the World Economic Forum, those policies are dead by the time they get to Florida. We’re not going down that road,” he said.

Naveen Aslapury

Naveen Athrappully is a news reporter covering business and world events for The Epoch Times.