Someone installed an outlet at a traffic light in Florida. ‘Is that a joke? ‘

A stunt that counts as original and a bit strange, someone secretly installed it Operating outlet At a Florida traffic light.

This device was discovered by Fort Walton Beach Officer Christopher Carter at the intersection of Perry Avenue and US-98. Upon closer inspection, I found that it was not intended to switch the light from red to green.

Instead, it was used as a temporary charging station for phones and other electrical equipment. Investigators noticed this after finding a plug attached to some type of charging device.

“are you kidding me”? Police at Fort Walton Beach asked in a Facebook post on June 2nd. “I wanted to help someone there decide that the traffic light wasn’t working well and reach a new level of usefulness. We’re really in awe of the ingenuity here. I hug you, but remind me a little that damaging a traffic light is a felony. “

Lieutenant Brandon Chapin of the Fort Walton Beach Police Department told McClutch News.

“Recently, the intersection has undergone an infrastructure upgrade, which gives us an unknown personal opportunity to access the electrical panels,” says Chapin.

“Then the outlet was loosely secured to the pole with duct tape. Thankfully, the access hole was too small to prevent the actual wiring of the pole from being tampered with,” he continued. “This attempt seems to have been for access to electrical services within the utility pole.”

Since then, city public works employees have “removed the outlet and all related wiring,” he said. The wiring access panel is also sealed to prevent recurrence.

The outlet department’s Facebook post has hundreds of reactions and comments, including the person who called it. “Vigilant electrical work.”

“I have a light switch that needs to be replaced, but anyone who does this is hired. I even have them charge their phones.” Samantha Johnson I wrote it on the Facebook page of the department.

“Charge your smartphone while you wait to cross the street.” Patrick Armitage I posted.

Fort Walton Beach is 160 miles west of Tallahassee.

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