“Someone is lying” in the war veteran Roberts Smith case

Formerly worshiped as a hero, Ben Roberts Smith is now widely cursed as a female murderer and abuser because of a persistent media campaign that crushes his reputation, the judge said.

Veterans barristers began closing federal court proceedings on Monday, more than 100 days after they began proceedings against journalists and the three Mustheads.

Recipients of the Victoria Cross are seeking exacerbated damages of up to 10 years or more due to loss of income from work, such as partnerships with consulting firm PwC and talking in public.

However, Nicholas Owens SC, who represents Musthead, who has been accused of defamation, said Judge Anthony Besanco faced an irreversible explanation from a motivated friend of Roberts Smith.

“Your honor faces the dilemma that someone is lying,” Owens said.

Roberts-Smith accuses defamation The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, and Canberra Times claim to have committed war crimes in Afghanistan, including murder, bullying, and domestic violence.

The 43-year-old denies all allegations of misconduct while Masthead defends them as truth.

According to Arthur Moses SC, the well-explained trials of this century, and the trials of proxy war crimes that attack press freedom, are actually the most decorated in Australia, which are highly regarded for their courage, skill and dignity. It’s about soldiers.

“This is about respondents using this court process to file a murder allegation and has national and international implications for the applicant accused of murder and other members of the Australian Defense Force. “He said.

Roberts Smith’s courage was awarded the prestigious and unusual Victoria Cross, resulting in an unexpected “target on his back”.

Moses with journalist Chris Masters Nick Mackenzie is based on sensational publications based on rumors, hearsay, and contradictory explanations from jealous and obsessed ex-colleagues.

Matthew Richardson SC, also acting on behalf of Roberts Smith, said he was formerly known as a hero.

“But now, thanks to the respondents, men are being violently abused as female murderers and abusers,” Richardson said.

He pointed to Roberts Smith’s evidence, showing that he was traumatized by seeing the good name of his family dragged in the mud, which crushed his soul.

“I devoted a lot to the work, and it’s all a lie,” Roberts-Smith said in evidence.

He is fighting allegations of murder of six people allegedly committed or accomplices in Afghanistan between 2006 and 2012.

Moses quoted one allegation that he unfairly shot and killed a 13- or 14-year-old boy.

“The claim was groundless and should not have been sustained. Perhaps it was sustained to damage Roberts Smith to support the other claims raised on this issue,” Moses said. rice field.

Owens claimed that his witnesses were not accused of deliberate dishonesty, but “remembered incorrectly” due to the passage of time, coupled with exposure to rumors.

He said there was a big difference between those who forgot breakfast 13 years ago and the execution of prisoners.

Some of these witnesses were “continuing their lives” and refused to provide abominable evidence to their former comrades, but were legally forced to do so.

This was in contrast to the important claim that all witnesses chosen by Roberts Smith had killed two prisoners with a Taliban compound called Whiskey 108.

“It’s no coincidence that they are very close friends … in some cases, parents and co-workers … a very intimate unit that communicates regularly with a clear affection for each other.”

Closing submissions from both parties are expected to last for eight days.



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