“Something like a sister!”


Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager said:Chooseday Tuesday VotingReveals an almost matching look.

On Wednesday morning, the two debuted a new action after hiding behind a large graphic on their face.

To Mr. Yasuda option It was a wavy upstyle, a long flip-out look, or a smooth pin-straight style.

Jenna’s Choices Includes bold curls, neat upstyles, or neat straight back styles.

In total, over 20,000 people participated in the Chooseday Tuesday look. The result of both wins was updos!

After a short drum roll, Hoda unveiled a “wavy and cool” upstyle, and Jenna unveiled a similar style highlighted with floral clips.

Hoda said it took only a few minutes for her wavy upstyle to come together.  (today)

Hoda said it took only a few minutes for her wavy upstyle to come together. (today)

“Oh, it looks like a sister!” Jenna said the style would be revealed. “Eh? Your hair looks alike.”

A white floral clip accentuates Jenna's stylish upstyle.  (today)

A white floral clip accentuates Jenna’s stylish upstyle. (Today)

Both Hoda and Jenna thanked the stylist for creating a beautiful look, but it felt strange to wear such a glamorous style.

“I’m not usually the upward type of person,” Jenna explained. “You know if it’s not a ponytail, but there’s something that makes your face stand out.”

“I’ve never done an up-do, so it feels weird,” said Hoda.

Jenna joked that this style returned her to a “bridesmaid” and was “strange or funny.”

“Both feel weird,” she said.

Hoda’s upstyle wasn’t a close vote, but the bold wavy appearance was a close runner-up for Jenna. Several members of today’s family voted for the vote, including NBC News investigative journalist and consumer correspondent Vicky Nguyen.

Savannah Guthrie today said that “her heart” supported the wavy appearance, but her “friendship” was positive. For Hoda, she was “selected, non-existent.” I voted for Option D.

“Don’t mess with Hoda’s hair!” Savannah joked.

The new looks that Hoda and Jenna debuted weren’t just neat upstyles: edited photos allowed women to see what they looked like. Gwen Stefani’s new blonde and brunette hairstyles.. The edgy look evoked even more reaction than upstyle.

“We are always one step ahead,” Hoda joked.