Son charged with assault after mother called police officer to black worker




Criminal accusation man Racial profiling According to Nashville Metropolis, a black worker with a white mother in a Tennessee parking lot was charged with assault after a video of a quarrel on social media.

According to an arrest warrant filed on December 2, Edward Brennan is checking a parking permit car in the Nashville garage after his mother calls police because Martinez refused to show his ID. I swung to Johnny Martinez. “A rational person considers contact to be very unpleasant or provocative,” Martinez “fears of imminent physical injury,” the warrant said.

Martinez told The Daily Beast that he was working in the parking lot of a Riverhouse apartment on the night of November 27, when he saw a white mother and son watching him.

You’re damn Karenth is killing America

“When I was doing a round … I noticed people looking at me,” he explained.

Martinez said he tried to avoid the pair while he continued to work until his mother told him: How did you come “

Originally in video Post to youtube, Martinez can be seen filming the mother and son when the mother and son are asking him a question. Brennan tells Martinez to call the police, and the mother identified as “Bissy” asks for Martinez’s identity. Brennan then walks towards the off-camera car while his mother continues to plague Martinez.

When his son returned to the camera, he hit Martinez and knocked a bottle opener from his keychain. Martinez told The Daily Beast that Brennan tried to attack him again when he went to pick it up.

“When he attacked me, he shook, he almost hit me on the face,” Martinez said. “He broke this bottle opener from my key. When I went to pick it up, he rushed.”

Martinez said he waited for the police to appear, but his mother and son left. When asked to comment, Edward Brennan hung up the Daily Beast.

Martinez explained that he worked for a boot company with hundreds of contracts throughout Nashville. His job was to make sure that the vehicles in those facilities had permission to park in those places.

“If they didn’t have a permit, we fixed the vehicle. Put on boots,” he said.

He explained that he thinks it’s normal for people to be curious about what he’s doing when he’s checking his car. But with his big headlamps, knee pads, and straps, he should look official enough for people to believe he’s working.

The Riverhouse apartment refused to comment on this issue.

Martinez said he was most shocked about the incident and felt uneasy a few days later.

“I felt like junk,” he said. “I thought there would be a typical Karen moment.”

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