Sonos and IKEA are working together to develop a smart speaker that can work as a “painting”

IKEA Sonos Symphonisk

IKEA Sonos Symphonisk

Since IKEA and Sonos jointly published a series of smart speaker products two years ago, there have been no product updates for a long time, but the wait does not seem to be long. On Instagram, IKEA has begun to announce the launch of the new product, and at the same time, documents related to two new products have also appeared on the FCC.

according to The Verge It is reported that one of the two new products is an updated version of the Symfonisk table lamp, but apart from knowing that its price will be comparable to the current model of US$179, there is not much additional information. The second new product is more interesting. It is said to be a “hidden speaker” that “can be used as a work of art.” The Verge speculates that there are two possible meanings: one is that its appearance is a complete painting, and the speaker is hidden behind the painting; the other is that it is actually a picture frame, the speaker is hidden in the frame, and the painting can be bought The family chooses by themselves. Like the desk lamp, we don’t know much about its detailed information. As for the square-shaped Symphonisk bookshelf speaker, it seems that there is no update plan, nor is it ready to go off the market. It should be good news for those who want to buy it cheaply.

On the other hand, Sonos did not talk much about the new products, but only emphasized the close cooperation with IKEA, “excited about the products we built together,” and “will share more information with you at the right time.” This means that the two do have new products in preparation.

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