Sonos finally added support for 24-bit music streaming service


James Trew/Engadget

Sonos has been added to support a number of different music streaming services around the world since its launch. As these services have begun to evolve to high resolution, the performance redundancy of high-end Wi-Fi wireless speakers has finally come into play. Sonos AnnounceQobuz, which has a 24-bit high-resolution library, can stream its music to its speakers for playback, and users can link related accounts through the Sonos S2 exclusive application.

Unfortunately, the current Qobuz service is only available in some countries and regions, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, etc. The Asian market does not seem to be too complete. However, Spotify, which is better known to our readers, has also confirmed that it will launch CD quality streaming later this year. I believe Sonos will also add support at the same time.