Sonos may be building its own voice assistant




Although Sonos’s speakers are basically available for major voice assistants (Google Assistant and Alexa are natively supported, and Siri can be handled with a little effort), but the factory does not seem to be satisfied with this, but hopes to strengthen it by itself This experience.according to and The Verge According to reports, Sonos has actually initiated an investigation to some customers. They described a system that includes “Hey Sonos” voice commands that allow users to control music, search for songs, and switch speakers in different rooms. They hope that users can give their opinions on such functions.

Not surprisingly, Sonos also emphasized that this set of potential solutions will complete the calculation processing in the machine, which will not only help improve the response speed, but also ensure the privacy of users. Regarding this customer survey, a representative of Sonos told The Verge that he would collect customer feedback on a regular basis, but other than that, he did not disclose more. In 2019, Sonos acquired a start-up company specializing in internal voice processing of devices, which shows that they actually have some plans in this regard. And now it is starting to consider its next move, perhaps after a stalemate with Google, to make sure that it has a reliable alternative in the future.