Sony brings a new Galaxy-inspired color scheme to the PS5 DualSense controller


Sony Interactive Entertainment

The shortage of mainframes does not affect the new pace of Sony accessories. They announced earlierNew color scheme for the two DualSense controllers, May make players who have been lucky enough to buy PlayStation 5 to be even more envied. (Huh?) These two new colors are called Midnight Black and Cosmic Red respectively, and they claim to be inspired by the Milky Way. The two are the fusion of light gray and dark red with black. Compared with the existing black and white version, the look and feel is not a style at all, and of course it is not so compatible with the PS5 console that also uses black and white as the main color.

The DualSense controller with the new color scheme will be available in June. Players who want to buy a new controller may wish to consider it.

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