Sony did not close PS3 and Vita’s PS Store in the end

Sony PlayStation 3

Kim Kyung Hoon / reuters

Sony announced at the end of last year that it planned to end the operation of the PlayStation Store on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita devices this summer, in order to cope with the launch of the new version of the PS Store on the web and mobile terminals. However, this means that the digital version of the game can no longer be purchased on the two classic console platforms, so it is not unexpected to attract the attention of players.

Today, Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Send letterAdmit your mistakes to everyone. The press release wrote that “After further thinking, I realized that this decision is obviously incorrect.” And confirmed that PlayStation will retain PS Store operations on PS3 and PS Vita devices, and PSP business functions will be scheduled for 2021 as originally planned. Retired on July 2nd

Ryan explained that they originally made the decision to end the PS Store on PS3 and PS Vita because they saw the challenge of continuing to provide business support on old devices and wanted to concentrate resources on new devices. But seeing that many players expressed their desire to continue to buy these classic games, so I found a solution. In other words, PS5 is not backward compatible with PS3 games, and there is no remake plan, so that so many old players stick to the old machine. However, the decision to switch to PlayStation can be reversed. It seems that the number and influence of these players is really great.