Sony has sold 13.4 million PS5 units

PlayStation 5


Sony recently announced theFinancial report, The data shows that PlayStation 5’s sales in the quarter were 3.3 million units, a significant increase from the previous quarter’s 2.2 million units, and the cumulative sales of PS5 so far have increased to 13.4 million units. At the same time, game sales soared from 63.6 million copies in Q1 to 76.4 million copies, among which the performance of third-party works was particularly eye-catching. Overall, the Q2 revenue of the gaming sector was US$5.68 billion, 27% more than the previous quarter. Operating income was US$728 million, which was 29 million less than Q1.

Why is there a situation where sales and revenue rise but profits fall? Mainly due to the unsatisfactory performance of first-party games. Compared with the first fiscal quarter, the sales of first-party titles in the second quarter dropped from 10.5 million copies to 7.6 million copies. Under the strong performance of the third party, this part of the impact has been somewhat offset. It is worth mentioning that while the PS5 sales are high, the PS4 sales in Q2, which is approaching the end of the year, have also been reduced to 200,000 units. In addition, Sony also mentioned the “loss caused by the PS5 hardware strategic price point being set lower than the manufacturing cost.” That is to say, in Q2, the profit of the PS5 sales of the factory may be negligible or even negative, which is contrary to their previous “No more selling PS5 at a loss“The statement.

But in any case, Sony still has great confidence in the game business. At the August earnings meeting, the company’s CFO stated that the PS5 is expected to break the PS4’s sales record of 14.8 million units in the first year of its launch. Ensuring enough components).

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