Sony will continue to sell PSP games on PS3 and PS Vita stores

Sony PSP

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Originally scheduled to start today, PSP no longer has any official way to buy games online, but Sony seems to have changed its decision again and allows Sony players to buy games on PS3 and PS Vita stores. In April, Sony rejected the original plan to close the PS3 and PS Vita stores, but at that time they still clearly stated that they would completely shut down the commercial functions of the PSP on July 2. however,Kotaku Earlier this morning, a new announcement was found on the PlayStation website in the US and the UK, showing that Sony once again overturned the schedule set before.

Although the PSP game store was closed in 2016, PSP users can still purchase games through the PS3 and PS Vita stores. Since the PS3 and PS Vita stores do not need to be closed, players can continue to use them to obtain PSP games, but from July 6th, PSP users will no longer be able to directly use the PSP to search and download games, nor can they play in the game. Any purchase. Kotaku stated that the news first appeared on the PlayStation website in the UK on June 28, and the news did not mention the original decision to cancel all PSP commercial functions on July 2.

When Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment overturned the closure of PS3 and PS Vita stores earlier, he directly admitted that this was a wrong decision made by the company. We don’t know whether these PSP game restrictions are what Sony said in April of “completely shutting down PSP commercial functions”, or actually a new idea after consideration during the period. In any case, this policy change is a good thing for PSP players, at least for the time being they can still retain this digital game library.

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